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We do the recovery plenty of monolithic tools with sintered carbide.
Your tools will be professionally sharpened and PVD plating. After this process your tools will be tough and longer usefull life.


We sharpen tools and take care of its original parameters like diameter, measurement or geometry. We can create brand new tools if you need it.
We sharpen monolithic tools like milling cutters, drills, taps, bevellers, countersinks and many more.


PVD coating increases durability usefull life of your tools.


Process of order accomplishment takes form 5 to 15 work days and depends of type of service. It is calculated from the day of receiving the tools/accepting our offer.

How does the process of order accomplishment in Mastermet looks like?

  1. We pick up personally your tools or you can send it to us. If you choose to send it, please remember to truss it appropriately and add “Work Order Form”.(We can deliver our transport box. If you need it just let us know.)
  2. When your tools arrive to us we examine them and evaluate its condition. After this we send you our offer of tools recovery.
  3. When you accept our offer we start to process of order accomplishment. It takes form 7 to 10 work days. It depends of type of service.
  4. We send you back recovered tools.